FLUTE HF 150 Watt High Power Micro Antenna System


The FLUTE Omni Directional Ultra Long Distance Micro Antenna Comes With a Myriad of Features and Performs Better Than Most 80 FT Antennas.


This Model Operates Up To 150 Watts

〰️ Frequency Range – 2-30 MHz  Model: HF230-125R


See below for additional specifications

Electrical Specifications

DC Current Requirements

1 amp maximum


Stand Alone Power Supply




< 2.5 : 1 over ranges above

Nominal Input Inpendence

50 ohms


N-type female + UHF adapter



Single coax  –  RF Tuning

Lighting Protection


Wide Bandwidth

Wideband Voice and Data


Automatic RF Sense


2G  & 3G


Omni Directional




0 dB





DC Power Supply

Power using single RF cable


DC Voltage Requirements

12 or 24 volts DC for auto tuning


Other Specifications

Deployed Dimensions

40″ X 12″ X 48″ / 102x31x122 cm



Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic


Max Wind Velocity

110 mph / 177 Kph

Weight of Antenna

39 lbs / 17.69Kg

PSI Surface Loading

<  1 psi  surface loading


Operating Temperature

-31 to +158 F/-35 to +70 C


Colors Available



FLUTE Ultra Long Range High Power Micro Antenna

The FLUTE Antenna is a highly efficient, man portable, electromagnetic pulse protected, omni directional, high frequency (HF) radio antenna. With a significantly smaller footprint than comparable HF antennas, our patented FLUTE has extremely wide bandwidth. Proven to broadcast over 4,000 miles with only 1 watt, the FLUTE is an isotropic spherical polarized antenna and provides equal coverage coverage in all directions.  The FLUTE handles automatic link establishment (ALE 2G & 3G), all waveforms, digital, video, voice, encryption, and emerging wideband technologies with a RF power handling capability of 600 watts.

The FLUTE is quickly deployable or can be mounted on roofs, vehicles, vessels, or aircraft. Utilizing isotropic spherical polarized technology, the FLUTE is capable of scaling to all LF and HF frequencies. The FLUTE provides incredible portability and concealment at less than 4 feet tall and performs as well as much larger 80 foot HF antennas. The FLUTE provides improved noise immunity for clear reception of weak signal in high noise environments. It is fully compatible with all US / STANAG military standard waveforms and can operate indoors with minimal degradation to its capabilities making it a superior, small form factor broadcast or SIGNET platform that can be easily disguised.

The Advanced HF Solutions High Frequency FLUTE antenna’s unique patented design differs significantly from traditional dipole, vertical, wire, loop or other antennas. It provides isotropic spherical coverage in all directions. It does not require height or the extensive elaborate grounding requirements needed for vertical antennas. The FLUTE allows both short range NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Skywave) and long range (Low Angle) radiated communications in an extremely small form factor. The Advanced HF Solutions FLUTE antenna operates between 2 MHz to 30 MHz (60 MHz option) in the HF (High Frequency) radio spectrum.  The patented FLUTE uses our innovative ‘Single Coaxial Cable’ configuration for its operation; allowing Plug & Play replacement of aging antennas; for simple antenna replacement into existing systems. No external power is required at the location of the antenna. The Advanced HF Solutions FLUTE antenna is only four (4) feet in length, less than four (4) feet in height and one (1) foot wide, weighing only 48 pounds. The weight is distributed equally over the base footprint of the antenna. It is shipped in a sturdy, reusable, dual-wall corrugated container via all shipping carriers.

Remarkable Performance and Footprint


Incredibly Small & Concealable

Has an incredibly small footprint with capabilities beyond that of antennas up to 2000x larger than the flute. The can be mounted on vehicles, concealed on rooftops, hidden in plain sight and requires a footprint no larger than 4 feet.

Isotropic (Multidirectional) Antenna

The FLUTE is the most efficient spherical polarized micro long distance antenna in the world. The FLUTE employs a spherical polarization pattern providing incredibly  broad bandwidth and low noise.

Fading & Noise Immunity

The FLUTE antenna is immune to fast transient phenomena making it a next generation antenna solution for urban environments. It also eliminates fading thus provides greater communication reliability. It minimizes noise and fading thus providing weak signal reception and greater communication reliability.


EMP and Lighting Protection

The FLUTE comes with EMP and lighting protection. This protects the FLUTE and connected radio.

Ultimate Broadcast Range

The FLUTE has broadcast over 4,000 miles and is tunable over an incredibly large spectrum with wide instantaneous bandwidth and high transmission efficiency. Appropriate for NVIS communications and it also provides low angle radiation for long ultra distances.

Easily Deployable

The FLUTE can be deployed in minutes by anyone regardless of their knowledge of radio systems.


Tuned Antenna for Ultimate Signal Reception

The FLUTE is automatically tuned instantaneously, to your operating frequency, optimizing the antenna performance, selectivity, noise immunity and improving weak signal reception.

Transmits and Receives In All Directions

The FLUTE provides both low angle and high angle omnidirectional radiation. The FLUTE isotropic antenna provides both short range and long range communications.

Next Generation Capability

Compatible with all communications manufactures equipment up to 600 watts RF power. Capable of ALE 2G & 3G, all waveforms and emerging wideband technologies.

Mounting Solutions

Mounting  brackets are available for Vehicles, Vessels, Aviation and rooftop non-penetrating or permanent low-profile installations. Rapid deployable as shipped. 

Extreme Weather Resistance

Totally enclosed antenna and electronics reduces the possibility of water intrusion.  The ruggedized construction is suitable for extreme environments.    

HF Alerting

Low cost, complete HF Alerting receive system. Two-way alerting systems and EMP protection options available.

Size Matters

The FLUTE is in a Class of Its Own

At only 3.4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, the FLUTE antenna can be mounted on an existing roof, vehicle, vessel, or temporary location. Setting the antenna on a metal roof will not impede the performance. It may also be situated on the ground. It does not need a tower or other large supporting structure, mounting poles or such to provide phenomenal next generation performance. 

Size Comparison

FLUTE Characteristics 

Other Antennas

Power, telephone, networking and other wiring in the surrounding area will have no effect on the antenna’s operation. Very little interference will be noticed (electromagnetic coupling) to other antennas within its immediate vicinity used for radio, TV, GPS Radar and Satellite.


The materials used in the construction of the antenna are stainless steel hardware, anodized aluminum, and copper to minimize corrosion and insure optimal performance. The antenna is enclosed in a plastic radome.


The Advanced HF Solutions antenna protected by EMP Shield has the ability to receive the same signal level as a large dipole. The FLUTE receives the electromagnetic wave as compared to independent electric and magnetic fields thus, man-made noise will be significantly reduced compared to a dipole, vertical or other conventional antenna in the same location..


The housing for the antenna virtually eliminates weather considerations. The antenna has been successfully tested with snow on its radome. 


Spacing between the antenna and existing structures such as buildings, walls, or other large objects should be a minimum of 5 feet. With this minimum, the FLUTE will operate at full capacity.

RF Power

The Advanced HF Solutions FLUTE antenna has been successfully tested with RF power up to 600 watts (with higher levels upon request).



The FLUTE is a complete antenna system and needs only a static ground for lighting and EMP protection. Use a wire having a minimum size of 10 gauge or larger; we suggest an 8 gauge ground wire.


The FLUTE Omni Directional Ultra Long Distance Micro Antenna Comes With a Myriad of Features and Performs Better Than Most 80 FT Antennas.


This Model Operates Up To 150 Watts

〰️ Frequency Range – 2-30 MHz  Model: HF230-125R


See below for additional specifications